Ari Rajin Gunnarsson



Ari Gunnarsson attended the University of King’s College and McMaster University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2009.  After completing his undergraduate studies, Gunnarsson moved to China, where he studied Chinese language at the Beijing Foreign Language University.   He speaks fluent Chinese and has achieved a Level 5 (translator designation) from the HSK.

Gunnarsson has shot and directed music and fashion videos, as well as a documentary about the Salman Rushdie fatwa.   He’s worked in the camera department on award-winning feature documentaries for CBC, NFB and Arte, and his photographs have appeared in several exhibitions in Beijing.

In addition to his film and photography work, Gunnarsson has worked as a translator since 2018, translating Wang Xiaobo’s novella 2015, as well as the Chinese videogame Chef Pig, into English

Gunnarsson recently returned to Canada after seven years in China. 


 ·      2019:        Chef Pig (video game) - Translator

·      2019:       2015 (novella) - Translator

·      2018-19:  Meten English - Teacher

·      2017-18: - Video Animator/ Editor

·      2017:        Codename Sally (documentary short) - Director/Director of Photography for PEN Canada

·      2016:        Hancheng Tourism Board - Photographer

·      2016:        Dream Sonic (music festival) - Photographer for FEIGE Stage

·      2015-17:  Djang Si An- Beijing (Band) - Photographer/Music Video Director

·      2015-17:  16 Minutes- Beijing (Band) - Photographer/Music Video Director

·      2015-17:  The Harridans- Beijing (Band) - Photographer/Music Video Director

·      2014:        Fete De La Musique -Beijing (music festival) - Video Director

·      2014:        Hutong (short documentary) - Director/Cinematographer

·      2013:        Neemic (fashion company) - Brand representative

·      2012-13:  Monsoon (CBC/Arte.  Feature documentary) - Production Assistant/ Research Assistant/ Stills Photographer/Digital Information Technician/ Camera Operator

·      2009:        Force Of Nature (NFB/CBC feature documentary) - Production Assistant / Stills Photographer/ Digital Information Technician

·      2008:        Road Crew/Campaign Petitioner for Ralph Nader Presidential Campaign (New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts)

·      2007:        Air India 182 (CBC.  Feature documentary); Reference - Production Assistant / Stills Photographer

·      2006:        Volunteer:  XVI International AIDS Conference.  Visitor’s liaison  

·      2005:        Above and Beyond (CBC.  Dramatic mini-series) - Assistant Set Dresser (IATSE Permitee)

·      2004:        Beowulf and Grendel (Equinoxe/Union Station.  Feature film) - Art Department Assistant